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Create Your Bathroom Design

bathroom design

Bathroom design seems easy enough at first. There are some major considerations to take into account, especially if you are doing a makeover for an old house. Evaluate and study the amount of space you are working with. There may be serious layout problems to resolve. Some of the considerations in designing a bathroom are:

Bathroom Fixturesbathroom fixtures

First, many older homes have only a bath, and you may want to install a shower or bath/shower combination. Oddly placed fixtures, such as the toilet close to the door. Lack of storage for towels and toiletries can be an issue in bathroom design. Again if it is an old house, you’ll probably need to install a fan and ground-fault current interrupter (GFCI) outlets which shut the power off to prevent accidental electrical shocks.

Where To Place The Wet Area

Next, you’ll want to decide where the wet wall or wet area will be. This is the space where the shower, bath, sink, and toilet will be located. If you keep these items together, plumbing will be easier, and your bathroom design will be less expensive.

Tissue Holders And Towel Racks

Don’t forget the tissue holders and towel racks. If you are going for a specific design these details might not go with the ideas you have in mind. Bathroom design is often about the details.

Cabinet Size And Placing

Cabinet placing and sizing is an essential bathroom design step. There are some standard cabinet sizes you are likely to encounter. They are a 24″ to 36″ wide sink base, 12″ wide to 18″ drawer base with up to 4 drawers, or a 12″ to 18″ vanity base. Some contemporary bathroom designs use a pedestal sink, forgoing the “box” entirely.

Bathroom Doors

bathroom doorsPosition the toilet away from the door. Bathroom noises and odors can be embarrassing when they drift into the kitchen or living room. Building codes may require a 30″x30″ area of space in front of the bowl. Keep 18″ between toilet and walls and allow 14″ between toilet and cabinets. This makes it much easier to clean. Allowing one inch between the back of the toilet and the wall will let you place design accents on the tank top.

Once the basic logistics of your bathroom design has been established, it is time for the artistic and creative aspect of bathroom design to bloom. You will be the one using the room. So, you will want to determine if the bathroom design ideas with fit your lifestyle and taste.

Lighting In The Bathroom

The polished lines of contemporary design make the room welcoming and warm. Use natural light to maximize space in contemporary bathrooms. If you draw the eye upward by bringing in details to bathroom design like borders near the ceiling, you add to the perceived height in the bathroom. A small shelf can also all you to bring in details from the living room.

Using reflective surfaces gives bathroom design another illusion of added space. Stainless steel, mirrors, glass, and shiny tile can be combined for a great contemporary look. A few small details to your bathroom design can enhance your home’s value.

You have two options for storage– on display or put away. Baskets, cubbies, or shelves are ways to display beautiful linens and towels which also add to the bathroom design. Installing a pocket door lets you use every inch of floor space in your bathroom design.…